Yoga classes are proposed live for students based in Madrid and online for those living elsewhere (reservation: They include:

  • Hatha Yoga – dynamic ‘classic’ yoga practiced mainly standing, infused with breath and body coordination, to make your body strong and fluid, and nurture present moment awareness
  • Yin Yoga – meditative ‘static’ yoga consisting of long held postures on the floor and using the same energy principles as Tai Chi or Qi gong, it releases patterns of contraction in your body and mind, expands your range of motion and brings a new sense of freedom

Meaning ‘connection’, yoga includes the practice of meditation, the development of body and breath awareness, and energy circulation. Nicely guided, a yoga session brings you to a sense of calm, inner strength and wholeness.

The way I teach is ‘from the inside out’: your sensations guiding your movements, and instead of trying to accomplish the ‘perfect’ pose, you are encouraged to feel the joy of your own presence!

My classes are adapted to all levels and you do not need to be flexible to join!

I propose classes in French & English; for more information, do not hesitate to contact me by clicking here.