Qi gong

Originating from China, usually practiced in forests or parks, qi gong could be seen as the yoga of the East. Anchored in taoism and buddhism, centuries-old, it is based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Standing ‘like a tree’ and performing simple movements, you are guided to develop your concentration, body and breath awareness, as well as your  capacity to act upon your own energy levels. Self empowering, the practice of qi gong makes wonders on your mood, concentration and overall health. Many practitioners find that it greatly facilitates the ability to meditate.

A qi gong class lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, followed by as short meditation. As much as possible, I teach qi gong in open space nature, forests and parks. A typical group includes between 5 and 10 persons, but it can be more if the area is spacious enough.

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