Next retreat in French: “Journée Retraite Spéciale Rentrée”

I organize weekend and week-long retreats 2 to 4 times per year, in Asia and Europe. They allow my students to deepen their experience of well-being and rejuvenate their energy levels before coming back to their daily routine. I always make sure to choose resorts which are integrated in nature and allows the continuous experience of living with the elements.

6-Days Yoga & Meditation Retreat “Reconnect to the Essential”, France, July 2020

Exceptionally this retreat will be only in French.

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A l’orée de l’été, vous êtes invité(e) à vous poser et vous ressourcer dans un cadre particulièrement nourrissant et inspirant. L’occasion de se (re-)connecter à la nature et à vous-même. Dans une atmosphère apaisante et bienveillante, nous explorerons différentes approches de yoga, méditation et mouvement en pleine conscience comme autant de voies vers le calme intérieur.

More details, Information & Reservation,  click here >>> here <<<.


6-Days Yoga, Qi gong & Meditation Summer Retreat in France, July 2019

Pause and join a retreat that will nourish and inspire your body and mind. Bathed in summer lights and surrounded by nature delights, explore the Yin and Yang aspects of life through Qi gong, Yin Yoga and meditation. Nurtured in a beautifully renovated French farmhouse, renew your energy levels, learn how to find balance and discover a new sense of aliveness.

More information >> Summer Retreat in France

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5-elements Meditation & Yoga Retreat in Ko Samui

6-days Stay: starts on 3rd of March 2019

Let yourself be enchanted by the views, scents and atmosphere of exotic Thailand at the beautiful paradise that is Ko Samui island. Be part of a retreat that will nourish your five senses, relax your body and inspire your mind. Nurtured by nature all around – between earth, sea and sky – let your body connect to the five elements and naturally find its quiet place.

More information >> Rejuvenating Retreat around the 5 elements

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Relax & Revitalize 1-day Retreats

The business of city life brings excitement and opportunities but also stress, physical tension and whirling thoughts. Almost at your doorstep, within the city you live in, R&R retreats (Relax & Revitalize) take you to a space of quietness and rejuvenation.

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