About me

Born in France, married to a Portuguese, I moved to Thailand 7 years ago with my family. I speak and write fluently in French and as well as in English, and hopefully in the years to come, in Portuguese.

After many years working in IT and demographics, I first went to a yoga class out of curiosity and immediately fell in love with the practice. Starting with dynamic forms of yoga such as ashtanga and vinyasa, I progressively oriented my exploration towards slow paced hatha sequences. I now practice and teach a form of hatha yoga close to Rod Stryker’s approach, emphasizing breath connection, energy work and mind-body awareness. On the path of slowing down, I discovered other forms of mindful movement and energy work, such as Qi gong, Yin yoga, and Feldenkrais work, which have all infused my recent teachings.

I have subsequently seen on myself and others the benefits of combining  Yin yoga, Trauma Released Exercises, atuned body movements and meditation to facilitate the release of chronic tensions in body and mind. I now guide several people across the world through 1-to-1 sessions (in person or via Skype) on a weekly/monthly basis on their way to recovery from depression/stress/chronic pain. I have grown particularly invested in the understanding of our nervous systems as well as in the particular physiology of stress and trauma. I hope in the future to find more time to advocate for a better awareness of stress and trauma at society level, for institutions and caregivers to scale and adapt the nature of their services. Healing from them is moving towards aliveness and harmony, both at individual and societal level!

I greatly enjoy practicing all disciplines I teach, and it always brings a big smile to my face. However I enjoy even more sharing them with others and I simply love feeling the presence of my students! I thrive at holding a safe, kind and generous space for them, helping them feel their own aliveness and vibrancy, express their true selves and find their own way to joy & happiness.

Namaste everyone,


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